Medication management is challenging

Curadite can help


(cure ● uh ● dee ● tay)

it: abbi cura di te: take care of yourself


Curadite empowers patients, clinicians, caregivers and family members to work together with the support of our intelligently linked, proactive medication management platform.

Digital Innovation

With the advent of CMS’ Value-Based-Purchasing Program, SNFs are turning to innovation in order to maximize staffing efficiencies and minimize audits. With Curadite’s Medication Management Platform (MMP), chain-of-custody is tracked throughout the medication lifecycle. This allows staff to focus on patient care, using intelligent packaging linked to a cloud platform to replace time-consuming, manual pill counts (used in tracking controlled substances). By recording dispensing events in real time, the MMP supports both diversion deterrence and reduces compliance risk.


Curadite’s Medication Management Platform (MMP) utilizes intelligent packaging to transparently monitor and record a prescription’s entire lifecycle. By tracking chain-of-custody from the pharmacy, throughout the medication’s use, until it is responsibly disposed, the MMP not only prevents controlled substance diversion but also enables administrators to generate digital audits in the unfortunate event diversion is detected. With the comprehensive chain-of-custody records and data analytics made possible by the MMP, SNFs can improve patient outcomes and streamline administrative recordkeeping.

Remote Adherence Support

Medication adherence plays a vital role in preventing unnecessary hospital readmission. Curadite’s Medication Management Platform supports successful patient transition from hospital to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) or from SNF to home. With recent legislation tying reimbursement to patient health, effective transition and adherence monitoring have become key to healthcare facility’s financial success. From medication alerts to timely educational support, new permanent behavioral change can be achieved.

EHR Integration

Designed from its inception for integration with existing EHR (Electronic Health Record ) and eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) systems, Curadite's MMP extends the current capabilities of a facility’s EHR to include chain-of-custody data (e.g. pharmacy fulfillment and unit-dose access) events. The MMP monitors, identifies and reports potential medication non-adherence and diversions risks, thus supporting both patient health and preventing controlled substance diversion.